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Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP) is the Future of Interior Design

Change is life's only certainty. Everyone deserves a #comfortable, safe and accessible home that can support them through an unexpected injury, a debilitating diagnosis or the inevitable challenges that come with age. With the help of the #Living in Place Institute the stigma of “Aging in Place” design is being replaced with a more proactive # mindset. Through its intensive certification program designers are taught the importance of incorporating long-term adaptive features discreetly into everyday decor; preparing the home for both the unexpected and the inevitable

I am passionate about helping people live in their homes as long as possible with Style and Dignity.  I love to speak on this topic!! If you have an organization that would be interested, please call me at 316-992-1855

Graduating class after 16 intense hours of training and testing. May 2016
Preparing lunch with  sight and hand impairment during  training session at the Living in Place Institute

I am proud of being #92 in the list of graduates  from the Living In Place Institute.

 The number is now over 1500 Nation wide and growing