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   Vicki Flores at  Studio Designs for Life is a Certified Living
 In Pace Professional creating stylish, safe, comfortable and accessible  
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Vicki Flores at  Studio Designs

# interiors designed for living your life... today and tomorrow

Vicki Flores CLIPP, ASID practitioner

Change is life's only certainty. Everyone deserves a #comfortable, safe and accessible home that can support them through an unexpected injury, a debilitating diagnosis or the inevitable challenges that come with age. With the help of the #Living in Place Institute the stigma of “Aging in Place” design is being replaced with a more proactive # mindset. Through its intensive certification program designers are taught the importance of incorporating long-term adaptive features discreetly into everyday decor; preparing the home for both the unexpected and the inevitable

Our story is not uncommon. We are a family of three generations living under one roof. My husband, Jim, and I are in our late 60's with a few health issues who both love our work and have no plans to retire any time soon. Our son, Bryan, was diagnosed with ALS eight years ago. He has increasing limitations with mobility and independence. My mother, Dot, who just celebrated her 90th birthday, remains active in helping us care for one another.

Two years ago, I met my biggest challenge in my 30 as an Interior Designer – the need to transform our house into a comfortable, safe and accessible home that meets our long-term individual needs. More about renovation. Consequently, my perspective on design has evolved. I have always prided myself on my ability to meet the needs of my clients whether they were first time home owners or First Ladies of Universities. Now, my personal experiences and new found knowledge allow me to provide so much more.

changes in life.

Jim and I want this to be our “forever” home and because of pre-planning and a few simple adaptations, that is now possible. Our home is designed for the way we #live today with plans for tomorrow in place I want to be able to provide the same for you – to create a proactive plan for your home to work for you as long as you want it to.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of making #your home of today into your home of tomorrow, give me a call.  316-992-1855

The decision to hire an Interior Designer is not an easy one My clients range from First home owners to University First Ladies. I am honored when they place their trust in me to guide them through changes in their spaces and I would love to do the same for you.