Why Choose Designs For Life?

After Working for 30 years as lead designer and buyer at Accent Interiors, starting  my own business was a bit intimidating.  But because of family circumstances, I needed to work from home I knew that I wanted to be able to offer my clients aesthetically amazings homes that are also safe comfortable and accessible. I want to design a plan with the future in mind. ” Interiors for Today and Tomorrow.” I still don’t love the “business ” part of having my own business, but I love what that allows me to do for you.

Meet Vicki Flores

Five years ago, I met my biggest challenge in my 30+ years as an Interior Designer – the need to transform our house into a comfortable, safe and accessible home that meets our long-term individual needs.  Consequently, my perspective on design has evolved. I have always prided myself in my ability to meet the needs of my clients whether they were first-time homeowners or First Ladies of Universities. Now, my personal experiences and newfound knowledge allow me to provide so much more.

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